Renovation Building

Stylcasa is able to carry out any kind of renovation like civil buildings, hospital clinics, to tertiary buildings, with its qualified staff that guarantees not only the perfect execution of the work, but also technical support during the design project.

Today, in fact, it is increasingly urgent to re-qualify the existing building heritage by adapting it to legal requirements (energy saving, fire prevention, seismic adaptation, etc.) and those of the buyer (renewal or change of intended use of the premises, rehabilitation due to the date of construction of the property, etc.), having to reconcile these two aspects.

Stylcasa responds to requirement through the skill of the specialized technicians who provide the certified solutions and the products to be used both traditional and dry: so at the end of the work all the necessary certifications are obtained.

If you need to restructure you are in the right place

If you dont' want problem for renovation, but a project that requires expertise, experience, and problem solving skills contact us.