Renovate Building

The use of innovative systems, deep knowledge of interior details, has allowed us to become leaders in the restructuring of important complexes.

At the Service of Welfare

The use of high thermal insulation and acoustic insulation allows economical savings on energy consumption and transforms space into a source of well-being.

The Care of Details

It's not just a matter of aesthetics! Building respecting the right balance between design and innovation is the basis on which we have always founded our success!

Timing Respect

With dry construction systems, new versatile and high performance solutions ensure cleaner construction sites and reduce unnecessary drying times.

Use of Colors

Our Experts study and design color, not only as an aesthetic factor but as a predominant element for living wellbeing.

Constructive Solutions

With innovative dry construction systems, it changes the way it is built. Quick and qualitatively high-quality solutions, reduce costs and increase performance.
Great Work requires Great Competence

Stylcasa projects and builds spaces every day for over 30 years, In hospitals, schools, hotels, homes and anywhere you require great competence and quality.

In this respect, Stylcasa builds and refines works of great complexity, using an innovative system to freely design the operating space as a High Performance architectural element and aesthetic high quality, meeting the most demanding designers and thus tailor-made space-environment without constraints.

Leader in Italy
Great Competence and Quality

Great performance and high creativity!
Our solutions enable the realization of any architectural idea and aesthetic finishing.

The lightness of the materials and their versatility satisfy the most demanding designers, creating tailor-made space-environment with no constraints.

An evolutionary process over 30 years, made up of passion, technological research and practical feedback in our workshops. The value of our innovation is given by the great experience and long-term successes that, after years, continue to give us reason.

Restructure to innovate, in view of the respect for the structure we are transforming and evolving, towards ever-increasing quality standards. Only a thorough analysis of each case allows us to interpret it best, for maximum aesthetic and structural yield.

Storytelling Company

Our company is essentially made up of competent people, from continuous research of innovation, but especially for 30 years of passion. Work to wonder and always seek new target, but also to guarantee our customers great concreteness and timing..

Passion and dedication to work have always led us into dealing with new projects, but I think the best way to describe it is to look at what we’ve accomplished in these 30 years because quality does not need words.

Giovanni Balzani Stylcasa Founder

Looking for a reliable and proactive partner for your project?

We are specialists of Major Project, where every detail has to be perfect and the margin of error is minimal. Over the years, our customers have chosen us for our ability to offer state-of-the-art solutions and manage the project independently without leaving anything to chance.
Choosing Stylcasa means having the guarantee of a successful and successful project over the years.