Leader in Italy

Stylcasa has built and built interiors every day for over 30 years, in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and wherever it requires great expertise and quality.

Sensitivity to biocompatible solutions and energy savings have brought Stylcasa to a modern building. The use of raw materials of natural origin and a future-oriented and research-oriented mindset have always characterized corporate philosophy.

In this respect, Stylcasa builds and renovates works of great complexity, using an innovative system to freely design the operating space as an architectural element with high performance and high aesthetic impact, satisfying the most demanding designers and thus tailor-made space-environment without constraints.


Proud of all our employees who, thanks to their important technical expertise, help to offer our customers an increasingly innovative and attentive service.

30 years of experience and knowledge of the industry allow us to solve the problems before they occur.

Restructure to innovate

The natural choice for the future of hospital structures


Trendy solutions to the pace with medical innovation

The use of innovative systems, profound knowledge of the industry and the extreme care of interior details have allowed us to become leaders in renovating hospital and care complexes.

Target: creating more and more efficient environments and lasting performance over time.

The functional use of color in healthcare environments

A correct color choice translates into a means of optimizing the distribution of space, considering lighting, materials, and function. That’s why our experts study and design color not only as an aesthetic factor, but as a predominant element for the patient’s well-being.


Major Project in Health: We've been doing it for over 30 years.

Every day, Stylcasa builds the interior of healthcare facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and wherever you require great expertise and quality.