Public Works

Leader in Italy

Every day, for over 30 years, Stylcasa builds and manufactures interiors in nursing homes, schools, hospitals, and wherever it requires great expertise and quality.

Business philosophy has always been characterized by the use of raw materials of natural origin and a future and research mindset. In addition, a marked sensitivity to biocompatible solutions and energy savings have brought Stylcasa to a modern building.

The use of an innovative system to freely compose the operating space as a high performance architectural element and high aesthetic impact gives Stylcasa the ability to build and restructure works of great complexity, thus satisfying the most demanding designers and thus creating Measures space-environment without constraints.


Proud of all our collaborators who help to offer our customers an increasingly innovative service and attentive to the different needs thanks to their important technical skills.
The experience and knowledge of the industry that accompanies Stylcasa for 30 years allows us to solve the problems before they occur.

Exceptional benefits and performance

The natural choice for the constructive future


Respecting the specifications and timing
With the solutions adopted by Stylcasa, it changes the way it is built.
Quick and high quality dry system solutions reduce costs and increase performance.
Start thinking big, because what you have on Stylcasa’s head can do it.

Creativity and innovation
Building respecting the right balance between design and innovation is the foundation on which Stylcasa has founded its success.Eco-sustainability
With dry systems, you can take advantage of 100% space, while also reducing heat dispersion, for a healthy, environmentally friendly environment.


Exceptional performance in public buildings.

They choose us for big public projects because we are the best in this industry for over 30 years.