Winning Synergys

Stylcasa is exclusive countertops and radiant systems installer of German Company Lindner, a leader in Europe and worldwide for this type of application.

Today, Ceiling Cooling Systems are the most efficient and functional systems for heating and cooling public buildings, offices and buildings, with tertiary destinations in general.

Concerning the need for a countertop to contain plants and service networks making it the main element of the air conditioning system not only reduces costs but makes it highly performing and environmentally friendly system.

Stylcasa & Lindner are completing the radiant countertops for the tower Regione Piemonte, the higher skyscraper in Italy.

Why is it appropriate?
+ ADAPTABILITY - architectural and geometric 90%
Exclusive advantages

Ten-year warranty for all components.


Declared and secured thermal yield.


Simplicity of development and realization thanks to the high integration with the production of metal countertops.


Production capacity over 300.000 mq of countertops per year.


Availability of specialized technical offices that allow study of every aspect to 360°.


Availability of a test lab qualificated and certified to certify thermoacoustic properties of the system.

Efficiency of radiant systems

Sistemi d'avanguardia e soluzioni certificate.
Quando si realizza il meglio. Lindner vanta un'ampia gamma di opzioni e soluzioni idrauliche di sistemi radianti, dai lineari agli incrociati, a lineari con isolamento acustico. Il tutto controllato, collaudato e certificato secondo le normative vigenti.


Il vasto assortimento Lindner consente di poter personalizzare al meglio il vostro controsoffitto metallico.
L'impiego dei controsoffitti per riscaldamento e raffreddamento, con isolamento acustico lineare PLAFOTHERM consentono infatti la massima flessibilità possibile e assicurano nel migliore dei modi l'isolamento acustico tra gli ambienti.


All in one solution.
Lindner has a flexible, hooded, stainless steel casing system that can be used as an attachment / connection hose and perfectly combine.

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